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Relaxing into Truth

Let’s be honest, shall we? How are you? Truly?

Are you feeling anxious? Busy? Worried about the future of our planet/economy/democracy?

It’s OK, to not be above it all, riding in the higher dimensions. What’sbeing called for now is to feel it all, to be with and not hide from the craziness of our world, or the uncertainty and fear rampant on our planet.

The more conscious, spiritual, and aware(embodied) I am, the more I’m able to feel when I’m out of control with anxiety. As a recovering perfectionist (OK, I’ll admit it, control freak), its been a wild ride these past 15 years. Especially the past few during the pandemic. I’ve been noticing my habits and reactive tendencies – many I’ve used as a form of self-care – are not necessarily what I truly want, or need. There’s a buzz that runs through the system like a flowing river, not raging like floodwaters and not a slight trickle of a babbling brook. Do you feel it? It’s more contagious than COVID, no outrunning this if you are a breathing human living at this time.

Nothing is as it seems. Plans seem to be irrelevant. All of my training in strategic planning, setting goals, and visualizing, feels out of step, out of integrity, from a bygone era.

So, my practice these days when I want to control, clean, clear, solve, and complete, is to slow down. Pause. Contemplate. Breathe. Check IN.

Yep, I’m learning to Relax. Softening, opening, and centering is my new mantra. When I find myself hyper-critical, noticing all the stuff that needs to be fixed, changed, or cleared, I ask myself, what’s going on? Why has the left brain problem-solving mind hijacked my sense of Beauty? Where is the LOVE even here in this chaos?

It’s about NOT cleaning, or bypassing, or pretending the chaos isn’t here all around us, affecting us on many levels. This is our new graduate study program, a new playground of learning to be WITH it all. All kinds of feelings, all kinds of people, all kinds of uncertainty. And calling forth strength, resilience, love and light, without seeing proof of it, or feeling. It’s about TRUST.

It’s about sitting in the ugliness, the mess, the shadow parts of self (and the collective) and witnessing it. Allowing it. Accepting it all. And, finally embracing it.

Then the discomfort eases. The construction holding us so tightly loosens. The wound unwinds. And there’s more spaciousness to BE. All of self, the beautiful, the bad, the ugly.

Symbols and SacredGeometry surround us, helping us to see that we are being guided, guarded and protected. The spiral used to remind me of my energy patterns spiraling outward, now I see that the spiral is within . . . connecting and integrating and holding me, Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit.

So, my dear sister friends, will you join me in this dance? It’s a collective tapestry or art form we are wearing together. A thing of Beauty, this owning of our wholeness and holiness? Of being radically open, and soft, and relaxed, and centered?

Of living in our Truth?
Centered in Love?
Serving with Light?

To learn more about Deborah LeeAnn a life-long seeker of Truth, Love, Light and the wisdom she shares you can contact her at:




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