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Reigniting Your Spark:

How to Rejuvenate Yourself in the Midst of Career and Life Burnout

By Lynn A. Mulholland, Owner of True North Coaching


BURNOUT. There are many symptoms and causes, and we all know it when we feel it. As we enter the spring season, full of growth and promise, it is also easy to feel overwhelmed by promises, activities and plans both at work and home. Burnout is nefarious since it slowly creeps up on us and leaves a trail of mental and emotional issues in its wake, including anxiety and depression.

When you recognize your own triggers and warning signs, try a few of the tips below to regain your sense of self and strength:

Make a change. The most effective way of dealing with burnout is to focus on sustainable life changes. Ask yourself if you’re happy in your current situation. Perhaps it’s time to make a life shift, such as a new career or downsizing your home.

Give yourself a break. If you can, step away from the situation. This may mean going out for a walk or getting away for a few days. Your goal is to breathe and clear your mind. You can certainly do this at home – or on a short vacation!

Solve the problem. If you’re currently in the middle of a stressful situation, take action to solve the problem. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others if necessary.

Control the controllables. Take control of the situation where possible. But also have the wisdom to accept that there are situations that are beyond your control.

Set boundaries. It’s true – “no” can be a complete sentence.

Be (brutally) honest. Sometimes it’s best to set your pride aside and ask for help. This is the perfect time to open up to a friend, relative, or a personal coach.

After more than 25 years of experience as a senior HR executive specializing in coaching executives on talent, leadership, and change management, Lynn and True North Coaching now support clients around the world to lead themselves and others with courage, clarity, compassion, vulnerability, and strength.


True North Coaching / Lynn.Mulholland@truenorthstl.com / truenorthstl.com / IG:livingyourtruenorth / FB: TrueNorthSTL


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