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Yoga & Music Festival

By Drishti Beats

July 7-9 in Snowmass Village, CO

Discover a unique blend of musicians from around the world and visionary yogis from Drishti Beats!

Discover Drishti Beats live music yoga experience in…

Flawless movements and mesmerizing beats

Hip hop, Violin, Live voice, Saxophone and Percussion all interspersed with beautiful language, guidance and instruction.

This unique Vinyasa yoga experience will leave you in a blissful state. Walk away with higher intention and inspiration to grow your own practice or just enjoy the yoga class experience that Drishti Beats delivers.

How Does Drishti Beats Explore the Symbiotic Relationship between Yoga, Music & the Outdoors?

This is a harmonious integration that elevates the practice of yoga to new levels.  The serenity of nature, the rhythm of music, and the mindfulness of yoga come together to create a multidimensional experience that nurtures the mind, body and spirit.

What Can People Expect to take away from Drishti Fest?

The combination of yoga, music, and the outdoors in a festival setting can offer a truly immersive and transformative experience. During the day, the festival provides a robust lineup of options, ranging from different styles of yoga like vinyasa, yin, acro ,slow flow, inversions, ecstatic dance, and blindfold yoga, to mindful focus, and hoola hoop sessions.

Drishti Talks brings fantastic speakers who cover an array of topics to color your thinking
The festival also offers opportunities for self-reflection, mindfulness and connection with nature; from hikes to meditation, to sound healing, participants can immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors.

With a full and vibrant music lineup, participants can not only enjoy yoga during the day but also dance the night away to popular house and tempo chilled music and a variety of ear candy to move participants in a different way that heightens and enhances the overall experience!

Join Drishti Beats for a unique opportunity to connect with oneself in a supportive and inclusive environment!

Get Your Tickets Here > https://festival.drishtibeats.com/tickets/


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