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Spiritual energy cleanse with opal and shamanic drumming at The House of Light, Spiritual Center of Inner Healing, in Vista, CAThe House of Light, Spiritual Center of Inner Healing, in Vista, CA, is an Entheogenic Church that provides products, services, activities, and retreats based on holistic healing methods. They offer plant medicine ceremonies, energy and sound healing, art therapy, hiking, coaching, and women’s circles, among other things.

Their goal is to help their clients achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They believe that everyone has the potential for inner healing and growth, and their goal is to help people on their journey to wholeness.

ceremonial ritual on the beach at The House of Light, Spiritual Center of Inner Healing, in Vista, CAMental health problems and trauma, like PTSD, anxiety, and depression, are often stored in the subconscious and energy body, causing us to feel stuck and disconnected from our true selves. However, plant medicine can help us to release trauma and connect with our innermost selves. By working with a plant medicine practitioner, we can begin to understand the traumas that are holding us back and start the process of release. The plants act as allies, helping us to access hidden parts of ourselves and heal on a deep level. In addition, plant medicine can help us to connect with our spiritual side and remember our connection to all of life. By working with plant medicine, we can begin the journey of healing and reclamation.

Psychedelic art night at The House of Light, Spiritual Center of Inner Healing, in Vista, CABased on the teachings of indigenous people, one of the plant medicines the church uses is rapé, a powder made from tobacco and other sacred plants, to facilitate a deeper connection with the spirit world. The rapé is blown into the nostrils of participants, who then enter into a state of prayer and meditation. The experience is said to bring about a sense of peace and unity with the natural world. By using these traditional medicines, the church provides a space for people to reconnect with nature and their own spirituality.

If you are looking for a place to explore plant medicine in a safe and sacred setting, an entheogenic church, like The House of Light, maybe the right place for you. Let’s connect and discover how together, we can make a change! You can contact Cinderella Jimenez a Spiritual Life Coach at:

 thehouseoflight111@gmail.com/ (951) 458 1660‬


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