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Focusing on the sanctuary in ourself is essential to come into a peaceful state and truly know ourselves, know our own experience and the fulfillment of our own being. When we focus our attention inside ourself, to our inner awareness, we can observe ourselves and the unfolding of our own consciousness as it is flowing […]

Styling Tips by Suzanne Spurgeon

Women with beautiful hair who were styled by Suzzane Spurgeon at Studio Branca

  HAPPY IS RIGHT! Happy to be free from the shackles of our societal pressures. You know the ones that have hung over us like a dark cloud for the past two years or so. The pressures of what is functional. Do I really need to color my hair? The pressure to keep it practical. […]

Finding Harmony with the 5 Elements

Many years ago, science, art, and spiritual practice were interconnected in a way that the awareness of the environment around us was deeply connected to an awareness of the environment within us. This created great knowledge and wisdom of how our body, mind and spirit are integrated and interdependent upon the world around us, and […]