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Carlin Wagne has a masters degree on social work she practice a highly efficacious healing modality, ThetaHealing®.Having obtained a Master’s degree in social work from Washington University – St. Louis, and working for years in the counseling field, I noticed many clients coming to me still seeking resolution for the challenges they had spent a lifetime attempting to overcome. While traditional counseling works for some, the majority had continued to remain stuck in the pain and habits of the past. Insight didn’t necessarily lead to active change. Curious as how best to help, I went in search of the missing link and was fortunate to encounter the highly efficacious healing modality, ThetaHealing®.


ThetaHealing® identifies subconscious beliefs you are carrying and reprograms them to a positive nature. The subconscious is below our awareness, so we may not even know we carry these negative thought patterns. Since 95% of our behaviors and decisions are driven by these subconscious beliefs, it is crucial to remove those that no longer serve us. The outcome is a profound shift, leading to a more complete sense of self, passion and purpose.
Think of some positive, empowering beliefs you want to embody and experience and write them below.

I love myself.                          I can receive love.                          I trust myself.

I am worthy of another’s love.            I trust the process of life.                I am worthy of financial abunda.




Carlin Wagner, MSW
Photo by Sharon Hyink Photography


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