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Trusting Your Intuition in Relationship: Ann O’Brien

Ann is the author of a new book that will teach you how to invite and receive more of the kind of love you desire.

7 Dos and Don’ts

In your love life, have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between fear or hope and true intuition? You can use your intuition to navigate everything from the little things (when to text him or what to wear) to bigger issues like spotting red flags, deepening your commitment or navigating challenges. Where to start? Here are my top tips!


1. Notice your body’s messages. Even if your mind tries to override it, your body won’t lie.
2. Listen to “random” thoughts if they feel wise and loving. If a voice in your head sounds like spam—pushy and disrespectful—ignore it.
3. Trust what you imagine. Thinking about picking up the phone or giving him a certain gift? Picture his response and then act accordingly.
4. Pay attention to signs. When pondering a situation, you may encounter an animal, a roadblock or a conversation that sparks your interest. These are some examples of creative ways the Universe guides us.


5. Ignore his words and actions because you see his soul’s perfection. Even though you see his greatness, it won’t put food on the table or make you feel better if he’s cheating.
6. Track him energetically. It may feel yummy or make you feel secure to be so connected. Unfortunately, crowding him with your energy is more likely to repel him.
7. Absorb his emotions. You may be more comfortable with emotions than he is. However, taking on his “stuff” in order to heal him or please him will probably create confusion. If in doubt, know that any emotion you can’t process and any problem you can’t solve is not yours!

Record some of the times you have done each of the above.








a woman's guide to conscious love a book by Ann O'brienAnn is the author of a new
book that will teach you how
to invite and receive more of
the kind of love you desire.

Ann O’Brien
Intuitive, Healer, Author


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