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What Stories Are You Telling?

Laurie Nowling an intuitive channel and Reiki MasterAs an intuitive channel and Reiki Master, I am so fortunate to be able to see myself and others through the eyes of spirit. Having access to this insight allows me to see the true light and divine essence of myself and my fellow humans. We are bright lights indeed! There is a powerful story of love and redemption being written from a higher perspective by each and every one of us. Unfortunately, for so many, that beautiful story spirit desires to coauthor with us is often drowned out by our own relentless and repetitive storylines around lack, unworthiness, unmet expectations and trauma.

I found myself in this painful cycle several years ago after my marriage ended. Things in my life seemed to be in pieces and I got very good at creating a story in my head about what had happened, why it had happened, and who I was. In my story, I was the helpless victim and my ex, the evil villain intent on destroying me and everything around me. I repeated it over and over in my mind, adding new layers to it as I went along. I wore my story like a badge of honor and I let it slowly define me as a human.

Because every good story needs an audience to keep it alive, I made it a point to tell it to anyone who would listen. I would lead with catch phrases such as, “I am alone” or “I am a hot mess.” “I will never be happy” became my mantra. This continuous narrative of self-deprecation earned me sympathetic hugs and attention from kind-hearted friends and family. Their care and concern soothed my aching heart and fueled my need to keep my sorrowful tale going. What I didn’t realize was that, every time I spoke these words, I was anchoring the idea of my supposed unworthiness deeper and deeper into my consciousness. Those negative ideas about myself became the shaky foundation upon which I was trying to unsuccessfully build my new life.

Luckily, with the help of a beautiful spiritual mentor and coach and through heart opening sessions with energy healers, I was able to connect with spirit in a way that allowed me to see that my tragic novel belonged in the fiction section. It was a tale that was weaved in my mind from a place of pain and a need for validation and acceptance. After a few years of cultivating my newfound and beloved connection to higher guidance, I began to see myself as the whole and healed light being that spirit knows me to be. The reclamation of the truth of who I am and the ability to co-author my story with the help of my guides is what fueled me to create my business. Through the use of intuitive channeling, spiritual coaching and utilizing the healing power of Reiki, I am now able to guide others to begin the process of rewriting their story and igniting the light within themselves.

I would like you to ask yourself what stories you are telling. Are they true? Are they stories that will become the guidebook for your healing journey or are they merely a compilation of your perceived failures and shortcomings? Do you want to create a new story from a higher perspective through the assistance of your spirit team and utilizing inner guidance? If you are ready for the next chapter and do not want to write it alone, spirit is waiting for you with a blank notebook and pen in hand. I would be more than happy to introduce you!

Think of something that recently happened that made you feel sad, angry, scared or lonely. What is your story around that event?

Next, become a neutral observer as if you are experiencing the event through a character in a book you are reading. Now re-write the story from this higher perspective.

“I AM” is the most powerful command statement there is. It frees you to be who you desire to become because it holds a divine blueprint which impacts energy on a quantum level. What you attach to the end of the statement will manifest into your reality… both positive and negative.

Use the power of the positive “I AM” statement as you begin to write your new story from a higher perspective. For example:

“I am a victim of my circumstances.” becomes
“I am the author of my own story.”
“I am alone.” becomes “I am surrounded by supportive friends and family.”
“I am a mess.” becomes “I am a creative being with many ideas and insights.”

I am _________________________________________

I am _________________________________________

I am _________________________________________

I am _________________________________________

I am _________________________________________

I am _________________________________________

I am _________________________________________

I am _________________________________________

I am _________________________________________

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