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an old door in tunisia

This past year has been hard on everyone. Perhaps the best things to come from all of this is to consider what we really love and need in our lives . . . to dream our Wild Wishes. Here are some of mine. What are your Wild Wishes?

Conversations with my daughters, encouraging one another and telling our weekly news and creative endeavors.

Creative work. For me, writing and cooking.

The moon spilling into my window onto my face in the middle of the night.

Fresh cut flowers all around my house.


The smell of hay and freshly cut grass and much; it reminds me of making olive oil in Tunisia.

Scented candles and dreaming about my favorite places.

The taste of sweet and salty watermelon in the sun perfectly cut and shared.

Listening to music when I cook. I like all kinds but Nina Simone is my go-to favorite while I’m chopping and sautéing.

Driving across the country exploring different cities and towns.

I love drinking green tea every morning in my favorite yellow cup that my daughter gave me.

wild flowers at the country sidesunset at the beach

Dreaming and wishing for my next overseas travel.

My favorite pair of jeans and boots still dirty from my last picnic or horse ride.

Swimming in ice cold river water and feeling my whole aura change.

Cooking for people and creating the perfect playlist.

That feeling of eating good dark chocolate.

Watching the sunset on the beach.

A warm kiss from the late afternoon sun.

Exploring places with rich history.

Sailing in warm tropical locations with my honey.

Spa trips with girlfriends.

Hiking to waterfalls.

Letting the ocean waves lick at my toes.

Long hot bubble baths.cara moon wild wish living


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