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Feel Great In The Skin You’re In

Natural skincare formulated with whole plant essences. A fateful hike in the natural beauty of Zion National Park in 2017 inspired two sisters to create a new kind of skin care company. “We were walking through this incredible landscape and up to our knees in crystal clear water knowing that it was being contaminated with […]

What do you do for BRAIN FITNESS?

Most people are aware of physical fitness. Many people are not aware that brain health is key to maintaining and optimizing health. Stress is more rampant than ever. This puts our brains into a fight or flight mode (sympathetic). In this survival mode the healing, recovery, rest, and digest systems (parasympathetic) do not work properly. […]

Maximize Your Energy Using the Quantum Model

jacqui arianaUsing the quantum model, Jacqui Ariana practices energy maximization.

  In the chaos of typical life, it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of constantly do-ing—whether it’s managing your hectic work/life schedule or shuffling your kids around. By the end of the day, it’s no wonder you feel exhausted and drained! But what if you could wake up each day feeling excited […]