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Maximize Your Energy Using the Quantum Model

jacqui arianaUsing the quantum model, Jacqui Ariana practices energy maximization.


In the chaos of typical life, it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of constantly do-ing—whether it’s managing your hectic work/life schedule or shuffling your kids around. By the end of the day, it’s no wonder you feel exhausted and drained!

But what if you could wake up each day feeling excited for life, with endless energy?

The truth is, your daily energy is as product of your thoughts and feelings. Your energy dictates the choices you make, and therefore the reality you live in. If you’re automatically thinking and feeling according to your fears (or what happened in the past), you’re creating a reality that’s predictable—and draining.

However, if you’re feeling passionate about life, and thinking thoughts in alignment with your greatest desires, any outcome is possible.

By overcoming their current selves, my clients have landed their dream jobs, 5x-ed their income, stepped away from toxic relationships, manifested their dream car, and most importantly started living with freedom and passion for each day.

That is living according to the quantum model— becoming so in alignment with feeling good, that you naturally, create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

For context, the quantum field is simply the energetic field beyond what we can see. Living in accordance with the quantum model is about tapping into that quantum field, so that you can draw any outcome into the physical, 3D world for you to enjoy and play with.

If you want to change your life using the quantum model, you must start making decisions in alignment with your greatest desires, rather than the story of your past.

Maximizing your energy on a daily basis:

On a daily basis, this looks like starting the morning with visualization—clearly deciding how you want to feel and think each day. Personally, I take time to visualize my day—before I engage with anything else. It allows me to
become the creator of my day—rather than falling in to old thought patterns and actions.

When you start to feel drained during the day . . .
Stop, drop, and realign your energy. Take a few minutes to disconnect from every activity, person or conversation and come back to yourself. This practice is unique to you! This might look like turning on your favorite music and dancing around the kitchen, going for a walk in nature, laying in the sun, or just getting quiet.

Some days it might take 5 minutes . . . some days longer. Have patience and compassion for yourself, knowing that you are self-nurturing instead of self-medicating.

Above all else, remember that you are the creator of your life. You get to choose where your energy goes and how much power is given to any situation. When you start to value your ENERGY, anything is possible.

If you’re ready to take the leap into creating a life beyond your wildest dreams using the quantum model, contact me for personal consultations. It’s time to start living according your highest potential.

Contact Jacqui Ariana:
Photographs by Judith Martinez



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