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What do you do for BRAIN FITNESS?

the human brain is, in fact, plastic, making it capable of change, improvement, and expansion.

a man using braintap headset which uses unique frequencies of light and sound to produce incomparable brain fitness.

Most people are aware of physical fitness. Many people are not aware that brain health is key to maintaining and optimizing health. Stress is more rampant than ever. This puts our brains into a fight or flight mode (sympathetic). In this survival mode the healing, recovery, rest, and digest systems (parasympathetic) do not work properly. Many people are in constant stress mode, they never have the chance to recover. This is called “sympathetic overload”. It is not only important that our brains respond to stress properly but we must also be able to recover effectively. The brain controls and coordinates most, if not all, of the functions in the body. When the brain is unbalanced, it can lead to an over-aroused, unstable, or exhausted state. The result of these imbalances can show up as anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive issues, cardiovascular illness, and many other chronic illnesses. Can stress can make you sick? Can it can kill you?

a man using braintap headset which uses unique frequencies of light and sound to produce incomparable brain fitness. When the brain is balanced, the body will be balanced. Fortunately, a new technology called BrainTap uses light and sound to create neuroplastic changes in the brain and can restore brain health. BrainTap guides the brain from the sympathetic stress patterns and restores the balance of the parasympathetic system. One session has demonstrated a 27.3% overall improvement of the nervous system in one 20-minute session. Just like exercising, BrainTap provides the best results when used on a consistent basis.

In a world with so much constant high-level stress, regular sessions will help the brain to relax, recharge, and reboot the brain. There are over 2,500 programs ranging from PTSD, stress, sleep, health, weight loss, brain fitness, life improvement and more Research has proven that BrainTap can retrain your brain to be fit and resilient. This increases your ability to have clear and focused thinking which results in you being able to make better choices. Dr. Tom Lankering utilizes a holistic approach which includes gentle chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, emotional release techniques, detoxification, BrainTap, and other modalities to help people regain their health and manage their stress. In his 38th year of practice, Dr. Lankering is passionate about his mission to help people improve their health through natural methods so that they can feel younger and have more energy. Complimentary 15-day trials are available. You can also experience a free session with the BrainTap headset at Dr. Lankering’s office.

Tap into the power of your brain with the revolutionary technology of

With our light therapy techniques, you’ll feel like yourself in no time.

Dr. Tom Lankering a Bio-energetic chiropractor at Lankering Chiropractic and Wellness


Dr. Tom Lankering
Lankering Chiropractic
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