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Everything’s Better Together

Running a fitness studio can be HARD!! And for most people running a fitness studio with their spouse could be nearly impossible. Where does life begin and work end? Who has what role and in what situation do those roles come into play? Most people don’t even attempt to tackle these difficult questions, but for […]

SubZero Wellness: A Hands-On Approach to Wellness

Megan Sanders of Subzero Wellness and her assistant performing a massage on a patient to relieve discomfort.

While it was never my intention to be a business owner, I have always tried to operate from a very simple statement, “See needs, meet needs.” If you see an opportunity to make a difference, and you can, then you should. This has carried me throughout my career as a physical therapist, massage therapist, and […]

The Vault Luxury Resale

  The Vault Luxury Resale is a nationally recognized designer resale and the home of the Style Network’s“Resale Royalty”. The boutique in Brentwood houses over 7,000 square feet of authentic designer goods for women and children. Known for handbags and as a “Dresstination”, The Vault curates the best labels from over 25,000 suppliers around the […]