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3 Ways Yoga Levels Up Your Life

women peforming yoga at Go Yoga! Express

a man performing yoga at Go Yoga! Express

You’ll Gain Strength from the Inside, Out

Yoga engages all the muscles in the body. Your inner-most muscles engage to support the function of movement and static poses. The inner muscles grow stronger while the larger, visible muscles gain strength, stability, and tone.

You’ll Overcome Anxiety

Your mind calms as its attention draws towards synchronic breath and body movements. Your mental focus becomes locked in a soothing, rhythmic pattern.

You’ll Lower Your Risk of Injury

Yoga creates flexibility in your entire body, from your toes to your fingertips and everywhere in between. The Improved range of motion allows you to function in everyday life and sports with a far lesser risk of injury. In addition, your increased functional strength and stability help you to stay active in sports, playing with kids and grandkids, gardening and all the things you love to do!

Kellie Mathes
Owner and Founder
Go Yoga! Express


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