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Angel’s Insight

steffany from angel sight to dream interpretation to sign decoding

steffany from angel sight to dream interpretation to sign decodingQ. How do my loved ones on the Other Side communicate with me?

A. Our departed loved ones find countless, creative ways to let us know they remain faithfully at our side. What’s more, our spirit helpers wisely tap into our five senses to communicate. When chatting with spirits, keep your eyes, ears, and heart open.

LOOK: From sending cardinals to pennies, our spirit helpers visually confirm their presence in our world. Some easy ways to look for these signs are to pay attention to repeating or significant numbers, notice animals who cross your path, and take note of your dreams. Sight, both physical and spiritual, can reveal our angels’ guidance. Look around.

LISTEN: Nothing sounds sweeter than music with an angelic message. Hearing just the right song when you’ve asked for help, or when that special tune fills the air, this is clear spirit communication. Your inner voice is a wireless device for spirit. Picking up on gentle, consistent, loving words that bring comfort and courage is a way to hear our helpers. Listen up.

FEEL: We can feel the presence of angels through physical sensations and emotional surges. Chills, ringing in the ears, tickling feelings on the skin, and smelling familiar scents without a noticeable cause are a few ways to feel spirit. Sudden waves of peace, a deep sense of calm, an energizing flash of clarity are prompted by spirit guides. Emotions are a powerful language fluently spoken by spirit guides.

PAY ATTENTION: Learning to trust intuition takes time. Keep a journal of signs, synchronicities, and coincidences. The more you acknowledge, the stronger the connection becomes. Look, listen, and feel. Love is at your side.

Want your question answered in the next issue? Please submit to Steffany@angelsinsight.com. From interpreting dreams to deciphering signs, Steffany is ready to help you access the Other Side.



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