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Be The Sun!

he Peace Place holds sacred energy and is the home of Harmony Healthcare. It was created to be a gathering space for our growing energy community. Many practitioners share this calming environment for small groups, classes or individual sessions.

I invite you to stand or sit quietly wherever you are. Now, take a few deep breaths in and out of your mouth, letting go and releasing as you exhale. At the same time, feel the beautiful light of the Sun moving into you, through the top of your head and the center of your heart. Allow this pattern to continue, feeling the Sun fill you with light as you continue to release and let go. Let your entire body continue to receive the Divine Love and Light that the Sun brings to us. Now, move this Light through all of your body and down into the Earth, connecting fully into the energy of Mother Earth. As this Light and Love connects you to the Earth, it also moves back up into your body. This light continues to move up and down your center in a balanced, rhythmic pace. Feel the peace, calm and beauty that this process brings to you as you fill your body with Divine Love and Light, while also being connected to the Earth.

You can still connect to the Sun regardless if there are clouds in the sky, or rain pouring down. The Sun is not gone, it is always there. It is always available and ready to serve. The cloudiness does not prevent you from feeling the sun, so don’t allow the divisiveness, challenges and drama get in the way of your peace. You can connect with all of nature beyond those energies.

Now, I invite you to engage in the rest of your day, feeling more centered, more connected and able to do your work from a different perspective. Even if your work requires being in these polarities, it does not mean that you have to take it on, you have a choice. You can remain uncomfortable or you can choose to move out of it for a moment, and allow some of the drama to dissipate from your field. This results in clarity within you. You can do this anywhere. If it is possible to physically connect to the Earth and Sun outside, the energy can disperse even more easily. If not, this moment of peace can be extremely valuable to help you stay centered and connected to your true self. Connect into Love and Light as that is your Divine inside. As you do so, feel the challenges move into a new perspective, so that higher frequency solutions can find their way to you. Remember that you are nature. You are made from the same light and substances that all of
nature is, and you always have a choice to connect to your Source.

Be the Sun. Choose to connect beyond the drama and divisiveness, allow it to fall away as you continue to breathe the Love and Light that is your true nature. When moments occur that you drop back into the drama, just remember who you really are, and that you have the power to connect to your true Beingness. The more you can consciously connect to nature in this way, or other ways that work for you, it becomes easier to let go of the heaviness and see the love and beauty that is your true nature. You’ve got this!

How do you want to feel in these times of challenge and change?

Marilyn Eagen owner of Harmony Healthcare LLC at The Peace Place


What brings you joy and peace and empowers you?


What can you do that can bring you above the clouds and allow you to connect to the beauty that you really are?

Marilyn Eagen’s focus for almost 20 years has been helping people with health, pain and emotional issues. Marilyn utilizes whichever tool or combination of tools that serves each person in the best way possible. You can get in touch with her at:

Harmony Healthcare LLC,
The Peace Place
314 330-4156 / 2841 Barrett Station Rd. Ballwin, MO 63021



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