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Sanctuary Issue

There may only be one thing in life that is certain, and that is change. Life is constantly changing and ever-evolving and it isn’t hard to find ourselves feeling overworked, overburdened and overwhelmed the busy Summer season transitions into Fall. We watch our children starting school again, the leaves begin to wither and fall, and […]

Knowing Your Worth

Karen Crow a life coach for women who crave time for themselves

Coaching for women who crave time for themselves When I was a new mom, I encountered many different expectations in my new role. Expectations about . . . • if and how long I would breastfeed • how fast I could get back to my • pre-pregnancy weight • what stroller I had • cooking […]

The Peace is in the Pause

Creating a sanctuary in your mind could bring you a lifetime of Peace and Joy. I like to use the French phrase, J’oie de vivre, meaning Joy of Life. We honor the pause as much as we value taking action. Stress can show up at any moment. For London Taxi drivers it’s an everyday event. […]