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The Peace is in the Pause

Creating a sanctuary in your mind could bring you a lifetime of Peace and Joy.

I like to use the French phrase, J’oie de vivre, meaning Joy of Life. We honor the pause as much as we value taking action.

Stress can show up at any moment. For London Taxi drivers it’s an everyday event.

London is considered the most stressful city to drive in because of all the circles, merging roads and monuments. And as a result, London Taxi drivers release too much of the stress hormone, cortisol, resulting in a loss of gray matter in the brain. The frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex is also smaller. These are regions responsible for higher-order thinking.

Studies have found that on average, they die younger of heart disease. Now that we gave an example of a high-stress job and how it affects the brain, let’s look on the bright side and flip the situation.

For those who have embraced calmness, practicing meditation and yoga, like I outline in my #1 bestselling book Ultimate Health on the Go, they demonstrate a far greater size in the frontal lobe in studies, more gray matter responsible for higher thought, innovation, inspiration, goals and ideas, and an overall larger diameter to the entire brain. They are far more resilient in the face of stress, and the damaging hormone, cortisol. They build new neural pathways. They live healthier and longer.

It all comes down to a choice, how we decide to deal with stress and fortify our body and mind for unexpected challenges and eliminate causes that are within our ability to change.

It’s all a possibility. It’s a choice to first stop and pause.

One of my FLOW approaches to vibrant health is a new respect for your breath.

The pause it gives your nervous system goes so far beyond mere red blood cells and oxygen alone. Within it is the power to literally “re-wire” your nervous response to stress, but in recent studies, toward disease processes as well, and the health of the heart through modulation of the Vagus nerve.

This practice imbues a calm, deep breath with a visualization of creating a nurturing space in your mind, a sanctuary where you can return and feel safe with your breath and a consistent future focus. It’s yours for the taking.

I begin my clients with visualization while imagining stress releasing from their body. You can too. Embrace this pause and create your own special sanctuary for inner peace.

For more guidance, please contact Kimberly Keller, Personal and Professional Law of Attraction Coach
Kkellerjohnson@southwesterncoaching.com | IG @ Kimberlykellerintl | 615-905-1349


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