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Washington University Living Well Center®

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A team approach to whole-body health and wellbeing. Your health is important. From sleep and nutrition to exercise and mental health, a lot of factors can impact your overall wellbeing. At the Living Well Center®, we bring together healthcare experts to help you meet your personal health and wellness goals through lifestyle medicine. If you […]

Shayba Muhammad’s Guide to Intentional Living

Shayba Muhammad's Guide to Intentional Living

We live in a fast paced world that often distracts us from the gift of gratitude. On our path to setting goals and striving for success, we oftentimes miss that which endures. The value of the journey. Take your time, reflect, recount, and breathe life back into how you function. This worksheet is designed to […]

Love Your Body from the Inside Out

October is Breast Health Awareness month. Take the risk out of prevention. Choose thermography! Early detection saves lives! By April Abbonizio Imagine a breast screening where you don’t need radiation or 50 lbs. of pressure, both of which are damaging to cells and breast tissue. Thermography is just that – safe (no radiation), effective and […]