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Creating Space for Heightened Sensitivity

We find ourselves asking what’s wrong instead of what’s right, looking for the next problem and setting ourselves up to expect the worst because maybe it will lessen the blow of feeling blindsided by another disappointment.

Many of us have been under the delusion that we are entitled to a life of ease, happiness and inner peace and these wonderful states are just supposed to be experienced effortlessly.

As we’ve all encountered the hard knocks that come while we reside in this realm, most of us have found the opposite is truer – life on earth seems to be a series of drama, misfortune and upset.

We find ourselves asking what’s wrong instead of what’s right, looking for the next problem and setting ourselves up to expect the worst because maybe it will lessen the blow of feeling blindsided by another disappointment.

Or worse, we drift into blaming ourselves while ruminating for hours in bed about what’s wrong with us. Time better spent getting our beauty sleep.

Enter the famous Winnie the Pooh personality, Eyeore, who with his melancholic attitude, was probably just protecting himself from the next-string-of-unasked-for circumstances. We can spend years sinking into cynicism like Eyeore. Unfortunately, those reactions smother creativity, a sense of connection and wellness.

Here is Lynda’s story. Lynda is successful in her field. She truly cares. She is naturally giving and compassionate and she is valued by others, including her clients and coworkers, for her team spirit and willingness to do what it takes to get a job done.

On a good day she knows her value.

Additionally, she experiences frequent self-doubt which can tip the scales into low self-esteem and waning self-confidence. And because Lynda feels deeply, she finds herself being pulled into the seeming atrocities of
this world and the countless problems of her friends, as well as family discord.

Lynda is strong, for it takes great strength of spirit and mind – a strength beyond this world, but of herself, she can no longer continue this way.

When the tendency to overdo finally catches up with her, Lynda’s body does its best to compensate by turning to food, shopping or other indulgences. These indulgences only tip the scales further and throw Lyndainto an emotional tailspin.

Leading with unbridled compassion is draining and burdensome, and Lynda is simply incapable of maintaining the light that she shines in others’ lives. Lynda feels spent with nothing left to give. She secretly has fantasies of giving up and running away from it all. She feels lost, anxious and desperate to end this cycle. Lynda finally hit the wall when she began experiencing mysterious symptoms including overwhelming fatigue.
Suddenly she was the one who needed help.

In her weakened condition, she couldn’t tolerate pharmaceuticals and was forced to look for alternatives. When she asked for help, the universe serendipitously responded – to be led to a practitioner who took a truly holistic approach.

Today Lynda is vibrant, lighting the world with her gifts of sensitivity, intuition and compassion with one difference. She is diligent about slowing down, getting quiet and listening to the wisdom within.

She does the unimaginable. She puts her self-care, her wants and needs first without guilt and is quick to find the lesson in every so-called disaster. Through this dynamic healing journey not only did she clear cellular toxicity and begin fueling herself for energy, Lynda also uncovered and released emotions that were holding her back. She has discovered the art of life balance which has given her the spirit and vitality of a twenty-year-old.


5 Steps to Transform Heightened Sensitivity into Spiritual Healing

Step 1: Find a quiet place to just be and allow your emotions to flow with the loving kindness you so freely give to others.

Step 2: Allow your heart to fully experience the vibration of all emotions that may be surfacing for at least 2 minutes. This may seem overwhelming – allow that too.

Step 3: Ask in all sincerity and humility for God, Higher Power, Universal Love, and Source to “empathize” through you. In this way, you will become a channel of spirit.

Step 4: Feel the “bigger than you” loving compassion pour through you, and notice you may quickly feel your heart lighten.

Step 5: Listen or feel as you hear or are moved to take an action, say something or simply continue to channel the empathy.

Notice how the heaviness within shifts to peace. You have become freer to continue living your life with heart without feeling bogged down by the weight of unprocessed heavy emotion.

All of the answers to our misery are found in our hearts, our higher Self, and even our cells.


For more inspiration or to schedule a free discovery session,
contact Donna Lee Humble, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, author of
Seek, Not for Love, and creator of the Higher Self Care Series at:
970-274-1680 / Glenwood Springs, CO



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