Executive Coaching with a GROWTH Mindset

growth mindset coachI am often asked, “Why do I need a coach?” My reply: “Can you imagine the best athletes in the world, the Olympians, not having a coach?” Next comes a long pause as the analogy sets in. When working with clients, my over-arching goal is to put them at the top of their game. What does that entail? Regardless of the industry, my clients face challenges, and managing those challenges can be at the same time both exhilarating and frustrating, especially when managing others. With my Ph.D. in psychology, no matter what obstacles you encounter, I am pushing you to examine yourself. Are you reacting in the best manner, responding at your best, and making decisions in the control of yourself coming from the best part of you? We all want to think we are doing our best, but we aren’t, not always. We all have moments when our reactions, our words, and/or decisions are not coming from our best selves. My job is to uncover the blind spots and your way of reacting when triggered. I call it the one-two punch of blind spots. First, you are triggered and then your reaction is a certain go-to style that is not in control. You may become aggressive, harsh, sarcastic, or something less than appealing. Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I had handled that differently? You are stuck in your own patterns. And this is why you need someone from the outside to bring awareness and guide you in using new patterns. We all have the potential to improve areas in our life and with my experience, I have found we often cannot see what needs changing or if we do, we do not have the resource to make the change, and that is where I come in. When running your business, your focus is outward, and you often do not have the time to sit back and ask yourself, “What do I need to change to be on top of my game?” When you are at the top of your game, you are in the zone, in the flow, fully connected in mind, body, and soul.



Melinda Fouts, PhD


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