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In my previous article, (the fall edition of Mind Body Soul Magazine) I shared a bit about my own life and the path that led me to becoming a Master Life Coach and Energy Clearing Coach. I also referenced how my coaching process works, and how I help so many people because of the technique I use.

All of our experiences throughout our lives are stored in the subconscious mind. The emotions associated with those experiences are linked to them and stored there also. The emotions linked to some of the experiences hold us back from becoming our best selves. My job is to investigate those feelings, find the triggers that will hold you back and use the Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) to defuse the energy that creates the imbalance.

I would like to share with you actual results from a client I have worked with. Results show us if the process is working! If the process doesn’t help to make any changes, then the value is diminished.

Following is an interview I had with one of my clients. She wanted to share her story because it profoundly
changed her life. You will learn, first-hand, what it was like to work with me, and the amazing results she experienced.

Let us begin:

Katy: What prompted you to get coaching?

Client: I suffered with suicidal tendencies all my life. I tried so many things and nothing worked before.

Katy: Why SRT work?

Client: I saw a post online and decided to try it. And when you asked me what I wanted help with I decided to go for the biggest problem.

Katy: Did you notice a difference right away?

Client: It was like a black cloud that I had for 51 years lifted after the very first session. I felt a shift right away. I used to say, “Here’s the plan: I am going to kill myself tomorrow so I need to put gas in the car today.” I go 6 months without changing my sheets!

Katy: When we worked together, you never told me you were actually going to kill yourself, you would say, “I’m not supposed to be here on the planet tomorrow.” How do you feel now?

Client: I have done counseling, books, workshops. Nothing worked except your coaching and the Subconscious Release Technique. It not only took away the suicidal tendency, it feels like it was never there. There is a train that goes by my house every day. My plan was to jump in front of it! Now when I hear the whistle, I smile! I sing! I just applied for a job! I have started writing books!

Katy: I remember not long after we worked together you took yourself to Paris. You were so excited because you said you shipped like 5 suitcases home and in the past would buy nothing because you were going to be gone. This was the proof of change!

Client: Yes! Katy, you may have saved my life. I am so grateful. Thank you! I am so grateful for the work I do to help others. My client stories are varied. Some have shifted out of poor relationships, some were cleared from physical abuse, some achieved job changes, financial and business success.

Please take a moment to write below what area of your life you would like to shift.




The first step to change is to give voice to it! The next step is to reach out to put the change into action!

I am happy to work with you if you decide you would like change in your life!

Please contact me to schedule a session. All the best to you for an amazing new year and your amazing life!


Katy Bartlett / 970-379-6000 / www.katybartlett.com / katyherbs@msn.com


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