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Living in Higher Alignment

dustin eli is a mystic artis living in crystal river valley

It’s not easy being human. I spent much of my earlier life lost in dysfunction, and addiction. depression, and drama. Thankfully I was ERASE guided to learn how to live in Higher ACTIVATE Alignment and everything began to change.

You see, the more I found alignment to the ‘Truth within myself, the more this higher purpose came online and I began to live the power I have to create the life of my dreams, I eventually realized that my purpose is to live this Truth and to help others to awaken this SANCTUARY power within themselves so they can live the life they were born to live.

‘ So I created a system to help others to live in • Higher Alignment.

I brought together the beauty of nature and sunlight so create these crystalline mandalas made from photographs of river ice to balance your mind, body, and soul. I put them together with the ancient wisdom of the I Ching to awaken your deeper knowing. I merged them with the Zodiac to create a set of 12 powerful messages, just for you, based on your astrology. I added in sound healing tone and Chakra alignment activations to amplify the energy of each of these codes so you en embody the energy of these higher potentials The result is the lAM Blueprint which is a powerful and beautiful online portal filled with mandalas, mantras, sound healing tones. chakra energy alignments, guided meditations, and a process to help you to live in your Higher Alignment.

You can pet a free PDF of your LAM Bluepeine so you can see the codes that are unique to you. plus a guided meditation to activate the first code in your Blueprint in the online portal.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Unlock your Ultimate Potential contact Dustin Eli at:





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