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Plan for Tomorrow, Live for Today

Wendy Campbell's passion is assisting women as they enter middle age by recognizing where we have been and where we are heading. being aware that the trip is both physical and emotional, as well as spiritual.

As I step—often with ease and grace—into my fifth decade, I also stumble and nearly fall into it. In the not-so-distant past, I truly felt and believed I “had it all,” success in every aspect of my life. Having it all, though, implies an achievement of the final goal.

But we can’t live inside a box and be deeply truthful to ourselves.

Wendy Campbell, small-town girl with bigcity dreams. Successful insurance and financial entrepreneur since high school. Speaker and author. Life with a beautiful blended family of 4, an adorable grandson and the love of a good man. Living in a small ranching community raising my children surrounded by close family. Serving neighboring communities. A wonderful time in my life. This chapter exceeds all and I beautifully view the future.

However, as wonderful as my life has been, and is today, I too have experienced trials, challenges and hurt but I have learned that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. The past has given me the ability to live for and in the present, experiencing love and knowing when to fight battles and when to walk away.

Whether we embrace it or not, the very nature of change, growth, and enlightenment seems to come out of nowhere, often blindsiding us.

In the thick of motherhood, we feel like our kids will be little forever. We’re in survival mode. Always together, fighting in the hallways, giggling on the couch, making a mess through dinner. It’s hard to imagine a day when they aren’t with us.

Then one day, the kids are gone. Their rooms sit empty. Beds made. No toys on the floor, no giggles echoing through the halls, no fights to break up. Their chairs are bare at dinnertime. The laundry baskets are empty, and the kitchen is clean.

Their absence is everywhere; the silence is deafening. You thought you’d have more time, another day, one more chance, but time sneaks up on you when you’re not looking.

The time has come to celebrate your children’s newfound directions, and YOURS alongside them. Smiling at the successes. Crying about the struggles. The quick fixes: new hairdos, one-night stands, bottles of wine.

They still need me, as I need me in this new capacity.
A time of finding my lane and staying in it. Guiding them through conversation. Not dictating and talking at them, I want them to come back to me with the next challenge to work through and the next success to celebrate.

Meanwhile, each of us – friend, partner, family member – needs to feel worthy. We use our credit cards, five-star meals, mediocre relationships, and we wrap ourselves in a protective cocoon.

We yearn to hear “I love you so much,” and actually believe the words. We yearn to tell each other our secret feelings and fears without pushing others away. We yearn to be “good enough” to go out with our dream date, without settling, until our hearts leap with joy at the one we choose.

Loving yourself means you reveal who you really are, your new time together all the sweeter.

Listen to your soul. It always knows when it’s
time to start a new chapter in your life.


My passion is helping women on their journey into midlife, acknowledging where we have been and where we are going, knowing that the journey is physical, emotional, and spiritual. Those local to Montrose, Colorado have a one-stop holistic shop at Montrose Day Spa and Wellness Center that focuses on vibrant health, with options from functional medicine to massage and aesthetic services to choose from. For those who live elsewhere and would like to connect with me, my first book, Personal Happiness: Learn to Balance Your Home and Career, helps women navigate the increasing challenges of working and raising a family. My second book is called Plan for Tomorrow, Live for Today: A Woman’s Guide to Middle Age. A third book is on its way.


To know more about Wendy Campbell get in touch with her at:



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