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Spring Personal Rejuvenation

You Are The Greatest Living System and You Only Get One Life

By Wendy Campbell

Living systems are:

Self-maintaining, meaning that they seek what they need to stay alive and to thrive. (not just existing)

Self-renewing, meaning that they continue to grow and develop in ways that renew their energy.

Self-transforming, meaning that they adapt and change their form, but keep their essence.

Rest generally refers to a passive state (sleep, lounging and so on), whereas rejuvenation is a state of feeling renewed, restored and ready to start fresh. Rejuvenation allows our brains to take a break as we repair and rejuvenate our emotional perspective.

Gone are the days of chaos, being busy and striving to accomplish. Sure there is gratification in advancement and it shouldn’t be completely put aside, however it is important to acknowledge what gets damaged in the process. As middle-aged women, we are living in a time of reaction, fixing what is broken and hoping like hell we haven’t done too much. We are in a time of our lives that we have done for others to the point of our own detriment. The good news is that regardless of where you are in the process you still have time. The weight of the world that we have carried that has hardened us and broken us down has not killed us. The requirement in your own rejuvenation is that you start and stay the path.

Give yourself some grace. You have made it this far without total disaster.

Have a clear vision and set an intention that will guide any decisions and changes you make.

There has to be a time in your day that you devote completely to yourself. Consider this your sanctuary time. We as human beings have been given a gift of being our daily creators; we choose where our energy goes, recognizing and valuing our gifts.

Spring Forward and prioritize your personal Maintenance renewing and transformation.

How am I self-maintaining?

What can I do to self-renew?

Top three things for self-transformation:

If you’re ready to take the step to become your most authentic self, I would love to work with you and help you start living according to your highest desire.


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